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welcome to ggTegOPi land

20 June 1988
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Domo domo !! Gabi desu~~ lol Crazy lil girl in love whit Japan, NEWS and BigBang!

What I do? Beside college I come here to get news about my fandom and my beloved Tegoshi Yuya! And I try my best to share my tegopi love whit my fics and drabbles ^_^

You can find my baka fics/drabbles here in Riina-chan and mine comu tegopi_drabbles and in the best community ever tegopi_kissu O(≧∇≦)O

I love BigBang to ^_^ especialy Gtop but I still didn't manage to write fics about them xP I will try someday xD

Fell free to add me and comment ^_^ I love to meet new ppl in the fandom
see you again!(*^-')/~☆Bye-Bye♪

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